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Sibi Sathyaraj film titled as Kattappava Kaanom

Veteran Sathyaraj played an iconic character  Kattappa in the Rajamouli directorial Baahubali: The Beginning. The character of Kattappa is shown to have killed Baahubali in the film and the mystery behind why he killed Baahubali is a topic that is quite popular.


Now director Mani Seiyon has named his film as Kattappava Kaanom which incidentally features Sibi Sathyaraj.


When we contacted Sibi about this, he said, “Yes, we have named the film as Kattappava Kaanom. It is for a reason and there is something in the story to quantify it. I cannot reveal more than this now. The title will surely have a link in the story”.

Updating about the shooting, Sibi says, “Shooting for the film is completed and songs alone remain to be shot. And also a little patchwork is left. We have also begun the dubbing”.

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Sibi Sathyaraj film titled as Kattappava Kaanom

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