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Director SS Rajamouli along with his Baahubali team met the press today (16th March) after launching the trailer of Baahubali: The Conclusion. Here we bring to few interesting excerpts from his conversation.


1. Are you worried that fans will crack the idea on why Kattappa killed Baahubali?


“I am not at all bothered about people guessing the real reason of why Kattappa killed Baahubali. Today, people guess the second half when seeing the first half; some movie buffs predict the climax of a film on watching the first 20 minutes. But what matters is how interestingly we present it. For example, when we are going to make a movie out of epics like Mahabharatham and Ramayanam, we know the story, but still, we want to see the drama to know how well they have translated the story into a visual form. Most of the theories that have been coming out on Kattappa-Baahubali mystery, are wrong. Few are a little bit closer, but if someone guesses the full story too, I am not worried.”


2. How satisfied are you with the output of the trailer?


“I was a little tensed while working on the trailer cuts but when I saw it as a whole product along with Keeravani’s BGM, it went even beyond my expectation level. He gives an extra tweak to the visuals.


3. How different will this part be when compared with the earlier one?


“The first part had less emotions and more grandeur but in 2nd part, both the factors will be in equal proportion.”


4. How are you going to deal with piracy? Earlier some war scenes were leaked, now the trailer has got leaked.


“Piracy is a different issue and leakage is a different issue. This trailer leak happened due to some bug in the Facebook. We are still trying to figure out how it happened. It is very irritating but we cannot blame someone without knowing about it. We had a big plan for 5 PM but unfortunately, we launched it a bit earlier. It is however a good news for the fans.”


5. Will Baahubali 2 fight scenes match the intensity created in the 1st part fight scene?


“The Everest peak of Baahubali would be the climax fight between Shivudu and



6. How would your next film be?


“I am not sure about what type of film I am going to direct next but I hope I do not involve my VFX supervisor Kamala Kannan in it, a film that does not need VFX work (laughs).”



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