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STR talks to fans about AAA Teaser and Rajinikanth's wish

After the good response to the AAA Teaser which released last evening, STR went for a live session to interact with his fans. He was so excited that he kept expressing his happiness many times during the session and here are few insights from the Live session.


"I don't want to act in films. But, since my fans are my motivation, and I will continue to act in movies only to keep them happy.


My director, Adhik is going to be angry with me for revealing this, but still, I would love to share it with my fans. AAA not just have three roles, but there is one more character in the film, and it will be a huge surprise for my fans and the audiences.


There are days, I thought I wanted to do different kinds of films, but now the case is different. I am doing films only for the people who stood by me when I was down. Say, even if the count is low as 10, but I am doing this for that 10.


The film is totally different from what you see in the teaser, don't guess the film with the teaser. The teaser is just to tease you.


All songs in the Santhanam movie - Sakka Podu Podu Raja have been completed. The Audio of the movie will be releasing soon, and I have plans of releasing a single before the audio launch.


There are comments, which I have put up weight and I look fat. Yes, I do agree, but I did this for my movie, and I don't mind putting up another 20Kgs more for the movie.


I am not interested in doing a lot of films. But I am interested in doing lesser number of films in different genres


I have never gone out to party in the recent times. It's Saturday night and you guys have made the teaser a huge hit. So I think its time for me to go out and party."

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STR talks to fans about AAA Teaser and Rajinikanth's wish

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