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Actress Karthika Nair expresses disappointment over bursting crackers

Environmentalists always have a concern about the pollution that is created due to the practice of bursting crackers on the festive occasion of Diwali.

Looks like Ko fame actress Karthika Nair is disappointed with the air and noise pollution that was caused due to the crackers. She took to Twitter to express, "Sooo disturbing!can hear the fireambulance drive by every 20mins.. but the crackers jst dont stop!"

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Karthika Nair had tweeted about her next film and we got in touch with her to get more details. Here she goes.


The project
It is a huge budgeted project and has actors from many languages. I play the female lead. One of the highlights of the film will be the writer. It may be a multilingual, may come in Tami too. It is not modern and it is not historical too. I cannot say much at this stage.


Your character
This will be something that I have not done before. Till now, my characters in films have been dominant ones. In this one, it will be powerful and challenging too. There is a lot of action both physical and mental and it is draining me.

Whatever movies I have done, I have been treated like a hero on the sets. But this is like another level, as it has a lot more action and is a lot more taxing but at the same time, it is a feminine project. I feel good as the character is tailor made for me. I was very hesitant initially to accept a film like this as it would be dedicating one year of my time. But I am happy I accepted it.

I have been preparing for it for a while. We started the shoot from December. I have never attended any workshops for any of my films. But for this, for the first time, I attended workshops to get into the skin of the character.


Why did you disappear from the scene?
I have been tied up because of this film and I can’t afford to take up any other project. People think that I have disappeared from the scene. I hope the wait will come to an end and I can tell why I have not signed any film. For me, it is not about the quantity but quality. 


Why such secrecy?
It is kept under wraps because it is a different concept. We need to project it in the right way, otherwise, people may not understand the effort. It is not a conventional theme and the medium of presentation is also going to be different. We would be announcing around mid-May.


Shooting details
We began in December and I think I will be done in another six months.


We wish you the best Karthika!



Actress Karthika Nair expresses disappointment over bursting crackers

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