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Actor Krishna issues an official statement regarding TR - Dhansika onstage controversy

Actor Krishna, was one of the actors, who was present on the dais when TR had an heated argument with Dhansika at Vizhithiru press meet.

The Kazhugu actor has officially issued a statement regarding this on his Twitter page. His statement read, "As a self-respecting individual who lives by a moral code and someone who in the last few years is educating a girl, kindly don't mistake my silence at the stage for anything less. I do revere all genders equally. What started initially as a joke suddenly became serious and offensive. What transpired at the stage went downhill really fast, there was nothing any of us could have done at that time.

In my opinion, and I am sure everyone on stage agrees with me that Interrupting a senior Actor like T.R. Sir is not stage manners(Medai Nagareegam) but the repeated disrespect shown by Him towards Dhanshika is unacceptable and unjustifiable and BTW, it's disrespectful regardless of gender. If any of us would have raised an objection to him at that moment, then, a press meet to promote a film would have turned into a Chaotic Environment with an unnecessary exchange of dialogues. I hope the seniors find it in their heart to forgive and help the juniors who need it the most. Only we can help each other. God bless.

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Popular VJs Ramya, DD, and Anjana opens up about TR - Dhansika controversy

TR's speech against Dhansika at the press meet of Vizhithiru definitely did not go well among the common public and the celebrities. We had recently seen actors Vishal, RJ Balaji, condemning TR for his act on the stage. Now, popular VJ Ramya has opened up about the same on her social media forum.

She posted, "What happened to Dhansika is very upsetting to watch. And this is not the first time. Why is it becoming so difficult to treat a fellow human being with dignity and manners ??? Why does a woman have to go through such embarrassments and public humiliation? Is forgetting to mention a person's name such a big u pardonable crime?

Whether it was Iraivi s press meet where the anchor was made fun of or this event, what is more, annoying is that even those present don't speak up for the victim.They choose to laugh and enjoy a girl being teased.

What is comforting is that the times are changing and it's good to see people speaking out against this. Every strong woman once began as a broken girl and I really hope that Dhansika evolves and wake up being more strong, capable and powerful from this incident."

Similarly, two other popular VJs, DD and Anjana had also shared their opinions on this issue, lending their supporting hand to Dhansika. 

DD - "U held urself with grace on that stage.ur taught with vry good meadai nagareengam my girl,yevlo mariyadaiya nadanthukiteenga,btw u looked 👌"

Anjana - "Sweet heart! U handled the situation very well ! U r a strong woman and respect for u pours in from every corner! That explains it all!"

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Actor Krishna issues an official statement regarding TR - Dhansika onstage controversy

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