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Vishal posts about Dhanshika and T.Rajendar controversy

We had reported earlier that at the Vizhithiru press meet, there were a few exchange of words between T.Rajendar and Dhanshika. Post this controversy, Sai Dhanshika had posted her views through her Twitter space and a lot of people had asked her not to worry too much. Just in is Vishal’s breaking statement and post with respect to this issue. Vishal posted through his social media handle:


Just came to know that Director Mr T Rajendran continuously targeted and accused Ms Dhanshika on stage repeatedly for not mentioning Mr TR's name in the press gathering inspite of Dhanshika apologising to Mr TR.

Director TR is a multi talented senior person. It's very common for a person on stage to miss mentioning names while addressing a gathering.

I have myself, forgotten to mention or thank certain people or the ones sitting on the dias in the past.
Dhanshika apologised and even fell on Mr TR's feet, after he pointed her out that she missed mentioning his name. Mr TR didn't pardon Dhanshika who is as old as his daughter.

It's very difficult for Women to come up in the Cine industry. I know Dhanshika very well and people who knows her know well that she wouldn't have done anything like this intentionally.

I strongly condemn Mr TR for continuously targeting Dhanshika despite the fact that she apologised to him and he could have avoided all this.

President, TFPC,
General Secretary, SICAA


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Actress Sai Dhansika's Silambattam Video

Kabali girl Sai Dhansika, on her official social media page, posted a video of her, in which she was seen training Silambattam. You should check out the video; she looks like a pro. Find the video below:

Along with the video, she shared a small thanks note for reaching 3 lakhs Twitter followers, "This is for the ppl who supported me and made me achieve what I'm today.Thank you very much
#300K 🙏🏼"

*Tweet is not spell-checked


Vishal posts about Dhanshika and T.Rajendar controversy

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