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Actor Dileep opens up about his ex wife Manju Warrier and the Bhavana incident

In an interview with Manorama channel, actor Dileep opened his mind about many things including all the rumours that were doing rounds since the time he became a star. The actor-turned assistant director has been in the film industry for over twenty-five years. He rose from being a sidekick to being a hero by making the audience laugh with his excellent comedy timing.

In the interview, the actor discussed topics ranging from his relationship with his ex-wife and actress Manju Warrier to the recent 'Bhavana incident'. The host mentioned her as "A popular actress" who had to face a dreadful incident in her life and Dileep continued with that title and refrained from naming her.

He said
"It was me who offered her a cameo role in my film "Thilakkam". At that time she was only one film old and was not a leading lady in that film. Since then, she has acted as my heroine in almost 6 or 7 films and in each one of them it was me who recommended her for the role, not the director or the producer. Those were the roles any other heroines could have easily done. After some years I noticed changes in her behavior and found it difficult to adjust with her, thus restrained from casting her in my films"

Dileep continued
"This is no big thing as everyone prefers working around compatible people only because good chemistry brings more energy into a movie. I then heard the actress complaining that an actor had unofficially banned her and is deviating all her projects"

Responding to this allegation, which he was accused of indirectly, he said, "I do only two or three films in a year and there are many other heroes in Malayalam whom I have no control over. Neither do I have any connections in Tamil or Kannada film industries. Then how can I unofficially ban any talented actress from getting roles?"

The next big gossip was that Dileep was the mastermind behind what happened to the "popular actress" and this was an act of revenge about a brawl regarding their joint real estate venture.

According to Dileep "The news was that the actress had said that she would give the legal rights of our business only to my ex-wife, and I got angry because of this. I am challenging everyone including the media to prove this, and if you bring any evidence about this business, I am willing to give you that business which you say is worth crores. She could've come forward and said that there is no such real estate business, but she did not and it hurt me a lot. I respect and admire her guts to bounce back to normal life within days after such an incident"

On the day of Bhavana's abduction Dileep says that he was in the hospital after falling ill while shooting for the film Ramaleela. He says "On hearing the news, I immediately called the family and expressed my support. It was only two days later I saw many fingers being pointed towards me. I was stunned and did not know how to react, I became so depressed that I even thought about suicide. But then my daughter's face came to my mind and I thought about how it would be for her without me, it changed my mind. There were many people who deliberately wanted to attack me, my body was not harmed but my soul was attacked from all sides. What did I do to be attacked like this? The owner of a big advertisement firm has said that he will kick me out of this industry. I believe in God and believe that if we set out to destroy someone, it will end up destroying ourselves"

Dileep said that there was a calculated attack to ruin his image and he is responding to all the allegations now because he feels that if he does not respond now, everyone would think that all the allegations are true.

Actor Dileep opens up about his ex wife Manju Warrier and the Bhavana incident

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