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Actor Dileep clarifies on the false report accusations related to actress molestation

Ever since the shocking incident happened to the actress, there has been an outcry to nab the culprits at the earliest. A group in social media and some newspapers took it to a different level by trying to link the dreadful incident to actor Dileep. Reports, trolls and write-ups flooded the internet indicating that a prominent actor from Aluva might be involved in the case and the police have questioned him.


Dileep, who hails from Aluva, has now made a statement that he is not the actor these reports say and the police has not contacted him at all in connection with this case. He also said that as far as he knows, no actor from Aluva has been approached by the police and all the news saying so is fake.


Dileep requested people to stop making false accusations and let the police bring the real culprits into the light.

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