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Kannada director Dayal Padmanabhan on Baahubali-2 release issue in Karnataka

There has been a sad situation in Karnataka regarding Baahubali-2 release. A few theatre owners claim that Kannada activists are keen to stop its release in the state over a controversial statement made by Sathyaraj regarding Cauvery issue years ago. We got in touch with Dayal Padmanabhan, a well-known Kannada scriptwriter, director and producer for his take on the issue. This is what he had to tell.


Baahubali-2 release issue in Karnataka. Your take.

Firstly, I am a proud Tamilian who is settled in Bangalore for nearly 3 decades and I personally feel these film celebrities are making such controversial statements to gain attention and there are no other sentiments. It is wrong for any actors to involve in National affairs. If they feel bad and want to voice out, then they should enter politics and make such harsh statements.


The Kannada socialist team led by Vatal Nagaraj and other few activists are trying hard to impose a release restriction for the movie Baahubali-2 as it stars Sathyaraj. The problem has arisen because Sathyaraj had made a statement regarding Cauvery issue which had hurt the feelings of Kannadigas. He unnecessarily, without evidence, had claimed that Saikumar (Actor) was beaten for telling Sivaji Ganesan as his role model. This is highly incorrect.


And also, if Sathyaraj is a Pro-Tamil, then he should rather take a stand of not releasing his films in Karnataka and a prior intimation regarding the same should be put on the agreement with the producer while signing any film. Taking such strong stand and making such controversial statement are creating havoc to both the film industries.


I am in favor of the protest in Karnataka and we expect an unconditional apology from Sathyaraj. Though this is not clear if an apology will ease the situation as the Kannada activists are keen to restrict Baahubali-2 release.


But the statement Sathyaraj made was age old and there were other releases of the actor. Then why impose a restriction to Baahubali-2?

Yes, that is true! But, the activists feel this is a big film, probably the most anticipated film in recent times and also it is a sequel to the blockbuster Baahubali. Hence the activists are keen to hit the bull's eye to teach a lesson to Sathyaraj and actors making such statements.

Kannada director Dayal Padmanabhan on Baahubali-2 release issue in Karnataka

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