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GK Cinemas owner Ruban Mathivanan talks about Vijay's craze

Gone are the days when films used to run for 365 days. Now fans of big stars have started a practice to celebrate milestone days of a film in their own ways. They pressurize theatre owners to screen a special show of their favorite idol to relive their FDFS experience.

We have a festival weekend ahead with 3 promising movies gunned for release. When theatre owners are breaking their heads to decide the slots for the new releases, they are pressurized by Vijay fans to screen an old film of the actor.

This April 14th marks the first year anniversary of Theri and Vijay fans are eager to celebrate the day in a grand manner. Top theatres in Chennai like GK Cinemas and Rohini have already allotted early morning shows for Theri due to excessive pressure from Vijay fans. What is surprising is these theatres have assigned their main screens for Theri instead of new big releases.

When we spoke to Ruban Mathivanan, Managing Director of GK Cinemas, this is what he had to share with us. “We always get a demand from Vijay fans whenever there is a festival. This time again for Theri’s 365 days, we have been getting some enormous pressure from fans. It goes on to prove Vijay is the indisputable king when it comes to the box office. So we have decided to give the main screen’s first show for Theri since we feel it will entice more crowd for an 8 AM show than the other new releases.”

Not just milestone days, whenever there is a festival, theatre owners are under constant pressure to re-release an old Vijay film at least for one show. It looks like there is not going to be one festival without Vijay’s film.

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GK Cinemas owner Ruban Mathivanan talks about Vijay's craze

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