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What is the difference between I and Nanban?

Sixty seconds separate Nanban and I

Jan 10, 2015

Aascar Films I is all gearing up for a festival release next week. The film that is going to showcase Chiyaan Vikram’s hard work, dedication, commitment and all the adjectives pertaining to passion is a much expected product.


Shankar’s direction, P C Sreeram’s camera work, A R Rahman’s music and the other brilliant factors of the film have increased the anticipation levels.


The latest we hear from the I camp is that the duration of the film is three hours and eight minutes. It has to be remembered that Nanban, Shankar’s last outing as a director was also lengthy which had the running time of three hours and nine minutes.


Shankar is known for keeping his viewers engrossed on the happenings on screen and therefore the lengthy duration should not matter at all! Wishing the I team the best!


What is the difference between I and Nanban?

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