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Film Honoring Superstar Rajini to premiere in Toronto

Film Honoring Rajinikanth to premiere in Toronto

Jan 09, 2015
The award-winning British - Tamil comedy film titled “The Rajini Effect” is planning to have a premiere in Toronto on January 13 2015. The film, directed by brothers Kuvera & Nelson Sivalingam, from London, focuses on how a Japanese super-fan of Rajinikanth enters a talent search competition in the hopes of becoming India’s next major hero. The classic underdog film that features a multicultural cast has already won several awards at international film festivals, including the Audience Award for Best Film at the 2013 Stuttgart Indian Film Festival in Germany.
The directing brothers are excited to bring their film to North American audiences, especially to Toronto, where the Tamil population is one of the largest outside of India & Sri Lanka, and naturally contains many diehard Rajinikanth fans. The movie also boasts a Kollywood cameo from veteran actress Anu Hassan and music by British artist Charles Bosco, a frequent music director and producer in Kollywood.
Aside from critical and audience acclaim through its successful festival journeys “The Rajini Effect” has even garnered the interest of some of Tamil cinema’s biggest stars! Industry celebrities, including Silambarasan, Santhanam, Vijay Prakash & Raadhika Sarathkumar all took part in the film’s teaser trailer some time back & which can be seen below. 



Film Honoring Superstar Rajini to premiere in Toronto

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