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Vivek tweets that he is no match to Kamal Haasan
On June 26th, actor Vivek in his Twitter handle expressed his thoughts about Papanasam which is releasing on the same day (July 3rd) as his new movie, Palakattu Madhavan. The tweet evoked his determination and the strong confidence that he holds on his film and it also brought out his surprise that Papanasam was coming out at such a short notice.
This was misinterpreted by some media organisations which carried articles portraying this statement of Vivek as his challenge to Kamal Haasan. This seems to have saddened the comedian-turned-hero and he has tweeted today (June 28) that he has no intent to compete with a stalwart like Kamal Haasan and claims that he is in no way equal to Kamal to be considered his competition.
Many movies are already suffering from hate tags and fan fights. Let us not invite further trouble to the industry through misinterpretations like this.
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Vivek tweets that he is no match to Kamal Haasan

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