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Kamal Haasan at his witty best during the Papanasam press meet.

The perks of being a celebrity also includes constant challenges when films are being promoted. A press meet is a place of heated arguments and discussions, always. Journalists make it a point to impose uneasy queries to answer and almost corner the one being questioned, with no ways to escape. But Kamal Haasan is one rare artist with all the expertise to handle any intimidating question with utmost ease. Few interesting exchanges during Papanasam’s press meet held yesterday (June 18) have been recorded below.


Journalist - Did you identify with the role of Suyambu Lingam? Did being the father of two daughters in real, help you more?


Kamal - Not exactly, if a kid doesn’t have a mother, the father gets to be the mother there. I did think about personal references during the shoot, but the story is more to do with the most ideal father.


Journalist - What homework went into getting the Nellai slang?


Kamal - Since it’s somewhere near Paramakudi, I was able to get it. Writers like Suka and Jeyamohan helped me further.


Journalist - Why the title Papanasam?


Kamal - The story happens at a place called Papanasam, so the title.


Journalist - What is your take on mobile phones? With all the scandals, do we really need one?


Kamal - This is like, the rate of kidnapping increased after cars came into existence. Cars can also be used to commute and not get wet when it’s raining. Why will an invention be scrutinized for our actions? Who looks at the watch nowadays? It has become a mere ornament. Everything has its pros and cons. Yes, my privacy is at stake because of the phones. People come to me, click a selfie and then ask me if they can have a photo with me. On the whole, mobile phones are useful.


Journalist - Kamal is taking three other people in a motorcycle without a helmet.


Kamal - We weren’t actually riding on it. It was for a photo-shoot.


Journalist - When heroes want to pair up with top heroines, why did you choose Gautami?


Kamal - According to me, she is a top-class heroine.     


Journalist - About the awareness on helmet?


Kamal - If you can wear slippers to prevent your feet from getting dirty, why not helmet? When you can cut your finger nail, it is equally possible to start wearing helmets.


With a personality like Kamal, any question can be answerable. His wit, knowledge and experience can never be outsmarted.


Kamal Haasan at his witty best during the Papanasam press meet.

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