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The story behind Yennai Arindhaal's much talked about climax run ...

The story behind Yennai Arindhaal's much talked about climax run

Feb 15, 2015
Ever since the release of Yennai Arindhaal, Arun Vijay has been in the limelight. He has stolen his share of the spotlight despite the presence of a superstar like Ajith alongside him.
We had a little chat with the handsome hunk in the aftermath of all the positive critical reception for the movie.
"I would like to start off by thanking fans for such a glowing feedback. After seeing the movie on the first day, early morning at Kasi theater, fans were just screaming 'Victor Victor' when the show got over and we were coming out. I just lost myself in this moment of pure emotion and couldn't control my tears. This was for all the efforts that I had put in over many years. A long overdue recognition!
Despite negative shades, people accepted my role as it had all the relatable emotional elements and facets like love, friendship, grief, frustration and such. I would like to thank Gautham sir for this opportunity in his film."
When asked about the white shirts that he keeps sporting for the most part in the film.
"The white shirt was to denote my mindset. Victor would don colorful clothes in the flashback but as time wears on, he sticks to white. This was the director and costume designer's idea. Even if there was a small dirt or spot, he would change the shirt. This was a surprise element for an anti role.
In fact there was a scene when Victor would sit and eat on the floor, to denote his simplicity even after earning much money and all the riches in his life. This scene had to be left out of the final cut though."
About the much-talked about climax scene when he runs towards the camera with much intensity and drive, this is what Arun had to say
"This was canned in a single take. While shooting for this scene, I was physically in much pain due to a bruise in my hips. But we had to complete this scene due to our tight schedules. Gautham sir wanted me to exhibit my character's frustration on screen, and with my physical pain, it looked very authentic on screen. This scene was shot early in the morning and I had to run really fast towards a car which was being driven by Silva Master at a very fast speed. In high speed camera, my run looked fabulous on screen."
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The story behind Yennai Arindhaal's much talked about climax run ...

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