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Raghava Lawrence's Kanchana 2 grosses more than 100 crores worldwide
On April 17, the third edition of the Muni series titled Kanchana 2 made its way to theaters all over the world. The hype was big due to the success of the first two films and the marketing wave surrounding it was huge too, thanks to the involvement of brands such as Sun Pictures and Thenandal Films.
From Day 1, the film maintained great momentum with continuous housefull shows for an extended period of time. The films which released alongside and subsequently, couldn't hamper Kanchana 2's run and it recently completed 50 days in theaters all over the state. Not only in Tamil Nadu, the film was a success in Malaysia, Kerala and Karnataka too. Not to forget the massive success of the Telugu dubbed version of the film - Ganga.
As a result of all this, the film's worldwide gross has zoomed past 100 crores. For a film with a controlled budget to gross this much, is indeed great news for all stakeholders who have been profited in a big way.
Murali from Thenandal Films had this to say
"We expected the film to do well but didn't expect such a massive hit. In all the centers, the film has done superb business. Looking at the ratios and return on investment, Kanchana 2 is definitely this year's biggest blockbuster."


Raghava Lawrence's Kanchana 2 grosses more than 100 crores worldwide

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