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Director Mysskin lauds Visaaranai

Mysskin, known for his intense films had recently been a part of a special screening of Vetri Maaran’s Visaaranai and appears to be completely awestruck by the film.


In a special note, he mentions, “I ran out before the end credits rolled, messaged my friends...''GREAT FILM... MY PAST PERCEPTIONS WERE WRONG...THE MOVIE AND THE MAKER HAVE EVOLVED HOLDING EACH OTHER'S HANDS.


Vetri! My dearest friend! My fellow-traveler! YOU MADE IT…You have reached the pinnacle of your have created the worthiest film of your life...I wish Balu Mahendra was here to hug you and plant a kiss on your forehead...


Visaaranai is an intense and truthful film…the movie made me more humane...the audience will hold Visaaranai in their cradle...they will be moved collectively…they will respect you and your movies more...


My friend, your Visaaranai has elevated my film and life's sensibility and I'm proudly uttering this cry.... We, filmmakers, have been knocking the doors of the international arena for a decade... here I'm fixing an explosive coded 'Visaaranai’ on those doors...”


Director Mysskin lauds Visaaranai

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