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Mahesh Babu gives back and IN STYLE

Mahesh Babu gives back and IN STYLE ...

Feb 03, 2015

What makes a hero? Romancing a girl, fighting the baddies and representing the underprivileged? Fondly called as the Prince, Tollywood sensation Mahesh Babu is also known for his initiatives off screen, apart from the jaw-dropping looks and stunning screen presence.

Mahesh Babu's change of his hairstyle can make it to the headlines, but the actor has taken up a deed and is not publicizing it. Belonging to the Burripalem village in Guntur district, Mahesh Babu has adopted the village and is planning to take up special programs to convert his hometown into a progressive smart village.
Giving back is one great quality we have learnt from the Prince himself.


Mahesh Babu gives back and IN STYLE

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