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''I needed extra chairs in the theater to see Darling'' ...

''I needed extra chairs in the theater to see Darling''

Jan 25, 2015
Check out this little interview with the latest 'darling' in town, Nikki Galrani. She speaks very good Tamil, though she hasn't dubbed in Darling. You can get to hear her sweet voice in her upcoming Yagavarayinum Naa Kaakka.
About the feedback from the crowd. Did you see the movie with them? 

I couldn't get any tickets for the movie on the first day and finally saw it with the audience in Mayajaal, late night on the release day. Even there, it was full and extra plastic chairs were arranged for me and my friend. The response was amazing and it felt so happy to not get a ticket for a change.

Did you sport your own clothes in the film, because they looked so subtle and natural? 
The costumes were all kept very simple and natural in keeping with the feel and theme of the film. I couldn't be sporting artificial salwars right?. We had a stylist on board and those weren't my clothes (laughs).
The much-talked about ghost make-up?
The make-up was done in a very intense manner and we just didn't stop with putting 'kajal' under the eyes. Seeing myself at first as the ghost was scary as I am afraid of ghosts in general. The dubbing for the ghost part also increased the impact for the audience.
Silakki Dum
I understood all that was going on with the comedy lines. The team brought me up to speed. My knowledge of Tamil helped too (laughs).
Will there be a Darling 2?
We have tweaked the ending compared to the Telugu original, to up the 'feel' for the audience. The spirits are shown as staying with the lead pair even after everything is resolved in a good way. Whether we will have a sequel is something which the director has to decide.
Looking forward to more from Nikki ... Good Luck girl ...


''I needed extra chairs in the theater to see Darling'' ...

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