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Vishal is set to start an organization for theatre artists !

Vishal- Man on a mission !

Oct 11, 2014
From the Chellame days, Vishal has definitely come a long way with equal share of highs and lows. Hailing from a family of film personalities, it wasn't a cake-walk for him. From performance based roles to out and out commercial hero stuff, he's done it all.
With Hat-trick successes, Vishal in the mean time has built a reputed production company of his own, floated a music label also and now is onto a newer plan. From the audacious effort of curbing piracy all by himself to extending support all kinds of movies, Vishal's efforts are noticed and appreciated. What has got Vishal's attention now ?  
While rehearsing for his stage show, 'Chicago' which is about to take place on the 11th and 12th of this month, it is heard that the actor has got impressed with the amount of talent present with the theatre artists. "This theatre play has helped me improve my acting in a big way. We have a lot of talented theatre artists. If taken to the big screen, they will succeed big time with their acts. Therefore, I have plans to start an organization to train and bring them to the silver screen." says the actor with a lot of gut.
Vishal is turning heads, we should say ! 


Vishal is set to start an organization for theatre artists !

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