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Vijay vs Vishal vs Vemal for Deepavali !!

Vijay vs Vishal vs Vemal for Deepavali ?

Sep 30, 2014

Apart from entertainment, Tamil cinema as a fraternity involves lots of business and money. Films used to have illustrious runs sticking 100 day posters across the city, but now the shelf life of a movie, irrespective of its quality, is just 2 to 3 weeks. There are multiple releases every weekend and movies have a tough time getting a release date and a proper breathing space to run.

Settai fame Kannan was ready to bring his next Oru Oorla Rendu Raja to theaters by October 2nd, capitalizing on the long weekend. But there are undesirable changes now.  

When the director was contacted, he said, 'We are actually stalling the release of OORR and postponing it to Deepavali or even later. Considering the present crowded status with many releases every weekend, people are not in a mood to celebrate. My movie is all humor and I would love some patronized viewership. So the delay."
Is it going to be three Vs for Deepavali, what with Vijay's Kaththi and Vishal's Poojai already in the race? Will Vemal join the party?


Vijay vs Vishal vs Vemal for Deepavali !!

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