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Karthi literally knew everything about Madras !

Karthi's complete devotion for Madras

Sep 30, 2014

One good film can generate hundreds of news. Madras, in spite of the cancellation of shows is having a decent run at the box-office, for the positive word of mouth and critical approbation.

A trustworthy birdie gives us a very interesting trivia about Karthi from the Madras shooting spot. The Paruthiveeeran star started his film career as an assistant director and has even assisted Maniratnam in Aaytha Ezhuthu. He almost knows the in and out of film making.
This news is an example of how involved Karthi was, about Madras. The team quotes that

"The hero was completely aware of the script even before being called for the first shot. He would even tell us corrections on what went an iota away from the actual written script, to what was actually being shot"
For the situation where Karthi had to come running from the behind and hit Perumal, the stunt coordinators had asked him to give a slight pause before hammering the villain. Shot was ready and when Karthi was about to enact the scene, he suddenly paused, asked for a cut and took sometime with the director. Karthi has said, 'Ranjith? As per the script, the character is at the top of his temper and I don't think, he'll take the time before hitting, so can it be as per the script?
The whole team was just taken aback by the understanding and involvement, Karthi exhibited for the film.


Karthi literally knew everything about Madras !

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