Madras Movie Review by Common Man:

Madras Movie Review by Common Man:

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Madras – Karthi desperately needs a Hit. He joins hands with Director Ranjith, who managed to attract most of the sections of the audience with his debut movie ‘’Attakathi’’. Due to Karthi’s earlier movies, there was not much expectation for this movie among the audience. Songs by Santhosh Narayanan and trailer created some expectation for the movie. Let us see whether Karthi manages to make a comeback through Madras & satisfies the Common Man in this review.


Story – It is about the life of an angry Common Man, who lives in North Madras.


Karthi – He almost spent 4 years for his first 2 movies (Paruthi Veeran & Aayirathil Oruvan), which shows the passion of him towards Cinema. He is a good actor, but had failed to select proper script in the last 2 years.  But, this time, he has given more importance to the script, than his characterization and it has worked out completely for him. Even people, who criticized him for his earlier movies, will start praising him after watching his performance in this movie. He is back with a bang.


Catherine Teresa – She makes a decent debut in Tamil Cinema. She looks beautiful without much makeup in the first half and her makeup in the second half in most of the scenes were bad. Her dubbing could have been better.


Cinematographer Murali – He has experimented various lighting and angles, which has really come out well. Locations in the movies were limited, but he makes sure that audience doesn’t feel it.


Editor Praveen – Each and every scene was edited brilliantly in the first half. First half will engage the audience completely without any doubt. Second half was little dragging and it would have been better if post-interval portions were edited to some extent.


Music Director Santhosh Narayanan – He is one of the biggest talent in Tamil Cinema without any doubt. His BGM & all the songs were too good. Thanks to the Director for not having Duet songs in Switzerland or item songs for the Villain in the movie.


Director Ranjith – He shows his full potential in the second movie itself. He has to be hugely appreciated for taking a realistic movie and delivering it commercially with awesome dialogues & wonderful casting.  Each and every actor, including Atmosphere artists have given their best. People will be unable to hear few dialogues spoken by Johny & Karthi’s grandma in the movie, as there would be huge claps for those dialogues. First half will definitely engage all the sections of the audience without any doubt, as each and every scene is shot superbly. Interval Block raises huge curiosity for the second half and it is one of the best in recent time. No one must have expected such an interval block. But, the second half drags to some extent and ends with engaging cinematic commercial climax.


Overall, Karthi is Back with a Bang.


First Half – 3.5 / 5 & Second Half – 2.5 / 5


Rating of this movie by Common Man -  3 / 5


Rating of this movie for people who loved Pudhupettai, Pollathavan, Jigarthanda & Cult movie lovers – 3.5 / 5



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