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Arima Nambi does 100 days !

Century man Vikram Prabhu !

Oct 11, 2014
Irrespective of the time taken to complete a film, lately the life of it in theatres is a little over a week, even if it's a real good movie loved by the audience. But debutant Anand Shankar manages to pull off a feat that's quite hard in today's scenario.
V creations powered, Vikram Prabhu starer Arima Nambi has crossed 100 continuous days in theatres across the city. People enjoyed the movie for its tight screenplay and apt performances. Sivamani also debuting as a music director, the movie's logical ending and close to reality characterization earned praise from all corners. 
When the director was called to know about his priceless feeling, he said, "What more can a first timer ask for ? This feeling is superb. I thank the team and the producer. Technically, the collection ratio of a film is just two weeks, even if its a hit. So quality films do sometime manage a 50 day run, but more than anybody else, it was Kalaipuli Dhanu sir's support that made my film score a century. He could have very easily let the whole factor go down, but only because of his meticulous promotions, the dream came true. So, more than the attribute of a film, only by producers like him, we can come across such records. Thank you all. I'm fine tuning my next script. Will be back soon'.
We take great pride in sharing this moment with you Anand. All the very best for your future projects.   


Arima Nambi does 100 days !

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