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Jilla was edited post-release to make it more racy

The Jilla team pays heed to demands from Vijay fans

Jan 13, 2014

After the first day of its release, the makers of Jilla intended to trim the movie a bit, to make it more racy and appealing to the audience. Initially they decided to omit the racy 'Eppo Mama Treatu' number, which appears before the movie's climax. But this song has turned out to be a big favorite among Vijay's fans and the Jilla team paid heed to their request and retained it. 

When they thought of removing some of the sister sentiment scenes in the second half, distributors from Madurai expressed their feedback that these scenes were getting very good response from audiences in their region. Finally, director Neason made some edits to scenes without majorly affecting the flow of the movie, and totally about 6 minutes of the movie's footage was edited.
Jilla has experienced a grand opening around the state and is expected to do well all through the Pongal holiday period.


Jilla was edited post-release to make it more racy

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