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Hi ‘behindwooders’

This is a new column started so that you do not miss certain nuances which caught my eye and I either appreciated / loved / smiled or laughed. It may be a specific shot, stand-apart lines of a song, dialog, or a particular situation. This is not a (p)review but a small nudge/ poke at your ribs  to say, ‘hey don’t miss this’!

Jilla is Neason’s 2nd film and Vijay’s 57th film including his special appearance in Rowdy Rathore.

To begin with, I must congratulate Vijay for this daunting task of matching Mohanlal sir every step of the way. Be it the ease with which Ilaiya Thalapathy dances (even the toughest steps seem easy to us, but it is his nimble toes and quick grasping power which should rightfully hog all the credit) his voice modulation, enhancing the style he has carved for himself and his tongue-in-cheek humor…he has matched the ‘9 times nominated and 4 times national awards winner’ with aplomb. Way to go, Neason, captain of the Jilla ship.

I do not want to give the story /suspense away. But the scene where Vijay imitates Lal sir including his style of smoking, is bound to bring a smile to the most sour faced viewer! Also, watch out for Parotta Suri's 'Avan Ivan Vishal' eye movement just before Vijay 'butts in'! This comedian is sure climbing up 'the ladder of fame' in double-quick mode.

The 2nd song in this film, ‘verasa pogaiyilae’ penned by Parvathy, choreographed by Raju Sundaram and shot in Chennai is a love(r)ly number. Folk dance that adds color and shows off the ethnicity of our South Indian soil! So is the 3rd song Jinganamani, in fact Imman, you have done it again! (after ‘oodha ribbon’ and ‘hi-fy’ing away to glory). I loved lyricist Vivega’s lines, incidentally he is one of the 3 technicians common to both the much awaited Pongal releases.

naa vekkathukku pakkathula pogadhava:
‘Shyness is an alien quality to me’; awesome line for an item number!

In the scene where Vijay expresses shyness, closing his right eye and opening his left eye, even a neutral movie buff will find it very endearing. Definitely a die-hard Vijay fan, no doubt.

Hats off to the DoP Ganesh for showing a ‘whirlpool car shot’ (I am not tech-savvy! My descriptions are purely ‘rekhs’ dictionary) with Vijay at the driver’s seat, ‘too muchy’! A close up shot where Vijay's eyelids flutter just before he opens his eyes, glimmer of a tear before he turns away, wow…Vijay, don’t miss this, people.Just a fleeting second but if you’ve read this before you watch the film you’ll know what I mean.

In fact all scenes between Vijay and his screen-mom Poornima are gems. I think Poornima is the best casting Neason made and with good reason, she played the heroine in Manjil virinja pookkal opposite Lal sir (in 1980!)  Sheer destiny or God’s will? You bet! She’s so spontaneous, Poornima, be prepared for spending more time away from your family, dear! Also one of Vijay’s interactions with his sister, half hour after interval, again a minUte expression, Neason you are a true perfectionist.

Soon after this, when he enters his house, opening the gate slowly, though he is wearing coolers, his simple gesture of asking the gurkha to shut his dropped jaw line (pointer and thumb joining gesture in a downward movement) earlier also same gesture with Thambi Ramaiah who plays his uncle is absolutely adorable. Fingers reveal what the eyes conceal.

Don’t miss director Neason in the ‘once more’ chorus of the ‘treat’ song, in the lines of A.H, the master psycho analysis story teller.

My favorite song is Kandangi, shot in Osaka and a temple in Kobe in Japan, choreographed by Rajusundaram and penned by Shri Vairamuthu.  This song is now topping the charts, more popular than his previous ‘google google’ of Thuppaki fame! (And both lyricists belong to the same tree)

Praising Lal sir for his performance is like saying the sea / sky is blue!! The concept of Vijay’s relationship with his dad along with the positive vibes he emanates is the USP to this film. You’ll realize the subtle nuances when you watch it.

2 more artistes who deserve mention are Vidhyullekha and Mahat, no ‘sodhapals’ (no fumble-stumble)

Imman apart from his songs being pleasing to the ears and easily hummable, has used a Maha-Kali slokam to emphasize triumph of good over evil. What more can be an able example of caste and religion not being a stumbling block to creativity?!

My hands are tied, can’t divulge more

In a nutshell:

Jilla – Young commander’s jurisdiction

Verdict: Doesn’t restrict to any district

There could be several more nuances I may have missed. Please share with me in this column, I’d appreciate it. The object of ‘rekhs ready reckoner’ (thanks Behindwoods) is to anticipate the movie-watching experience and applaud movie makers.

Until my next, when the Thamizh month of Thai points to new a whole new world,


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