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I was sitting with a cuppa hot filter coffee and my random thoughts reading about ‘Sollywood’ stars and their ever so eventful lives. From the paper I was holding in my hand, a snap of Suriya with his exceptionally sharp gaze, mesmerized me, sending me down memory lane…

He is one person I can vouch for, who hasn’t changed at all, given the escalation his career graph has swung to! Having lived in Madras all my life and acquainted with our film fraternity for more than 2 decades, I know almost all the biggies of today in Kollywood who were ordinary mortals like you and me once upon a time…and I know ‘Saravana’ from Nerukku Ner days…so if in a span of 15 years given the success factor, a person treats you with the same respect & affection, he deserves a HUGE pat on his back! I actually think his amma deserves it even more!!

Why I started this particular topic is:

How many of our celebs return calls or smses?

How many of them do so only when required?

How many conveniently acquire ‘Ghajini memory’?

How many selective few always make it a point to reply even if a few days late, despite their hectic schedule and an overflowing ‘things to do’ list?

And why???

Why is this common basic courtesy completely ignored by most?

Why do they turn a blind eye to text messages and a deaf ear to their ringtones?!

Haven’t we all heard of this wise / wide usage ’What goes around comes back all the way around’? It’s a borrowed page from our Karmic theory.

Most often, people in the limelight when they climb up the ladder of success don’t realize that one day on their descent might be trampled upon!

I can count the number of people amongst celebs in my hands, who return my calls or text messages (I mean, work related, not personal tête-à-tête)

My exasperation was temporarily quelled when I was on the phone with well- known DoP turned director K.V. Anand who was most apologetically telling me how he was able to reply to Anuja’s mail only after a fortnight and felt thoroughly guilty about it! Wow! This set me thinking…there’s some hope after all…

And I would be plagued by a guilty conscience for the rest of my life if I didn’t add director Vetrimaaran right at the top of my list for prompt communication, almost always the very next minute!

Of course I have to say Sivakumar (anna) is very prompt but he belongs to a different era altogether with a whole set of morals, manners and values which are ‘Ghajini memory’ now!

I do understand we all have our pressure of work, personal hassles or just plain inertia! Still it’s not really too hard to imbibe, inculcate, improve…right?

My mom’s voice gently reprimanding me “Mind your Ps and Qs” suddenly echoed in my mind. I googled the origin and came up with these links I thought you might like to read too



If even a single celebrity reading this changes her / his attitude and mindset, I’ll be one heaven-of-a happy person and on ‘top of the world’ with Karen carpenter!

But for now let me just sign off with one of the singers from my all time favorite

band, reverberating my thought…



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