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Has Ilayathalapathy Vijay agreed to fund Arshea's education?

Official denial on Vijay's involvement

May 29, 2014
We earlier reported that Ilayathalapathy Vijay paid a visit to the household of the late Major Mukund Varadarajan, the officer from Chennai, who lost his life on April 25th 2014 while fighting valiantly against a group of militants in South Kashmir. The internet went ablaze with Ilayathalapathy’s noble gesture, and the social media reported that Vijay had agreed to fund the education of Arshea, the Major’s daughter.
However, sources close to the Major categorically denied any such developments. In the Major’s facebook page, it was reported:
“Admins of this page have been receiving mails asking to confirm if actor Vijay has agreed to fund Arshea's education. The answer is no. Arshea is a Vijay fan, and the actor most graciously took time out of his shooting to brighten the day of his little admirer. The family is deeply grateful to Vijay for his affection. Indhu and the Varadarajans had clarified here earlier that they will not seek any monetary help in Mukund's name. They thank everyone for their prayers and warmth. We hope this post sets all rumours at rest.”


Has Ilayathalapathy Vijay agreed to fund Arshea's education?

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