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Kaadu continues in the realm of Kaththi and OORR ...

Kaadu continues in the realm of Kaththi and OORR

Nov 20, 2014
''Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood''Walt Disney. Proving the saying right, commercial successes in the recent past have seen a huge impact amidst the audience in terms of providing a unique social angle to the film's story.
Films this month have made us laugh, cry and mock. More than all, films have inspired us beyond the realm of commercial aspects. For instance Kaththi touched upon various social message based subjects like water scarcity, corruption and the plight of the aged. The movie inspired the older generation to move forward without the fear of getting 'old'. Further the complete power-packed monologue of Vijay gave an insight into the political situation and how corruption has doomed the society. This has impacted the younger crowd to rethink about the political morale. This film on the whole acted as an Infotainment.
Another unexpected commercial mainstream film that created an effect in the minds of the viewer was Oru Oorla Rendu Raja. Pre-release, the film was expected to be a wholesome entertainer but the movie actually dealt the case of the issue of industrial workers. The case primarily was about the heightened noise pollution in a factory. Here, the movie provided us with the cognizance of a situation at a manufacturing factory.
More to come on these lines. The upcoming film Kaadu is also seen as another socially-inclined one. The movie highlights the perils of deforestation and the importance of forests. It is directed by debutante Stalin and edited by Kasi Viswanathan.

Such films don't just provide fun and entertainment, there is also a key takeaway. 
Films have evolved to such a great extent that now they are not made just for its commercial success and box-office returns, but also as an 'art' crafted to communicate a message to the public to stay aware, informed and empowered.
Anita Raghuraman



Kaadu continues in the realm of Kaththi and OORR ...

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