What if Kaththi is plagiarized??

What if Kaththi is plagiarized??

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Gone are the days when people actually watched movies to enjoy and appreciated. There is a new audience who watch movies just to troll them and find Hollywood scenes, posters, songs, bgm that are similar to our films and post them on social networks.


A director like A R Murugadoss is a pride to Tamilnadu. From poverty he has risen scoring two big blockbusters in Hindi, making all Tamilians proud!! 7am Arivu was a movie that reminded Tamilians about a long forgotten Tamil hero's life. Thuppaki saluted the Indian army. Ramanna exposed how students could stop corruption. Kaththi highlighted the plight of Indian farmers.


To see him getting abused in social networks is hurting for a Tamilian like me. Hollywood has released hundreds of thousands of movies, add to that a million episodes of TV series, all of which traverse various genres. And it becomes tough for a filmmaker not to get influenced. Almost every single Tamil movie is inspired by some material not even Tamil movies, biggest blockbusters of 2014 in Hollywood, Iron man3, Hunger Games, the hobbit, frozen are all inspired or adapted from books. It’s tough to produce a product that’s original and good. Even if Kaththi scenes were copied, their placements were exemplary and whatever scenes that were supposedly copied didn’t form the crux of the story- the coin fight scene or the blue print scene was no match to the mass suicide scene or the interview scene and A R Murugadoss must be appreciated for making a commercial movie on such a serious subject. What if its plagiarized?? It still takes guts to make a good movie on such a sensitive subject. Hats off ARM..We love you!!

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