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Cheran expresses his views on Jilla and Veeram

Cheran’s advise to the fans of Vijay and Ajith

Jan 16, 2014

Vijay’s Jilla and Ajith’s Veeram released last week and are doing good business at the box-office and have satisfied the people involved in the respective films. Both films are commercial mass entertainers that travelled on a standard format. While both the films may not be a critic’s delight, they have nonetheless satisfied the fans. However the fans of both the actors are hurling insults at each other in social netwoeking platforms.


Talking on this, director Cheran on his official social networking page has expressed that the anticipation levels of the fans to the films have brought in good revenues to the industry. He adds, “Although this is good for the industry in terms of economics, the truth is that an average fan expects much more than this. Not knowing how to express his disappointment, he takes to Facebook and Twitter to throw insults at one another”.


Cheran also advises the fans of both the actors to express their expectations in a very civilized manner to their respective idols and is sure that the heroes will definitely heed to their fans’ request. He also believes that this kind of behavior will surely enable good content, good directors and good revenues to the industry. Absolutely the need of the hour!


Cheran expresses his views on Jilla and Veeram

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