Veeram - Very Well Controlled

Veeram - Very Well Controlled

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Ajith (Vinayagam) and brothers will commit themselves to stop any bad activities is thus introduced to us as them. Vidharth (Shanmugam) is one of them. 
Santhanam carries the story forward in the first 30 minutes and it was a wise move by the director. Brothers wanted to do some good for their caring lovable brother, who dedicated himself  for them. They along with Santhanam wants Ajith to fall for a girl too like them which will not require them to convince him for their love. Ajith, possess the mentality that a marriage will break the relationship of brothers. 
With the help of Ramesh Kanna, the group manages to get to know Tamannaah Bhatia (Kopperundevi). They sets up daily meetings between them and both Ajith and Tamannaah, are attracted to good qualities of each other and they find themselves in love eventually. The shots between the lead pair are shown nicely. A salt and pepper look again for Ajith who sings duets, which is not working as expected. 
Earlier, when Pradeep Rawat, from who Ajith takes over market contract, turns against brothers all five join hands to smash the threat. Later on, the lead pair have an assault on the train through which Tamannaah comes to know the real side of  Ajith. This signals the break of a well planned first part. Appukutty plays the cook for the brothers. Ilavarasu and Devadharshini make short appearances. 
Nasser play the father of Tamannaah and once again I have to repeat cliches to praise him. His family believes in non-violence and always stands away from violence. How Ajith is going to convince Nasser and stop any threats posed and tackle the revenge of a rival is the later part which do drag a lot towards the close. There is something attractive with Devi Sri Prasad and his background score which makes a great watch but the same cannot be said about the songs. If you claim that you are reading this line again and again repeatedly in every movie of DSP, the answer lies with him. Siva, after Siruthai, has delivered a good second success. But similar to another big release this day we can't say this as a blockbuster. 
Doesn't matter however good the character is, it just didn't make sense to see a girl fall in love for a salt & pepper haired man. In reality, no collector can be this silly like Ramesh Kanna is in this film. Why do the villain give a brief explanation to Nasser family about Ajith and his protector role to his family, like a news reader in the middle of an action part. Songs in later stages are like bad speed-breakers. Add choreography to the boring list. 
It is a long time since Ajith has given his work in a family entertainer and this is one comes in just at the time when it is needed to end his negative hero image. 
Another well made 90+ score by a top-order batsman (top hero) whose innings slows down towards the end after a brisk start. 
Marks: 7/10
Pradeep Kalamegam

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