Veeram - One Man Show

Veeram - One Man Show

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Veeram, Thala once again in Salt-Pepper look, but this time as a village man in full whites is really a treat for his fans. After 'Thala' Deepavali Arrambam it's 'Thala' Pongal again on screen.
Ajith doesn't want to marry nor his four brothers also since he feels if anyone gets married it will create problems between them. So all the brothers tries to make Ajith marry Tamannah, who comes into this movie for the sole reason. She and his father Nasser doesn't like fight and blood and all. How Ajith changes himself and saves everyone in her family from a villain is the story.
Ajith was refreshing as a village man, especially watching him in coat-sunglass-slomo walks in too many movies recently. His look was too good in the first half. When a man shaves his beard mostly it makes him look young, but for Ajith it made him look very old. Santhanam is a surprise for me who came throughout the movie along with Ajith's brothers since I thought he will be coming in very few scenes. He was good in this movie. Tamannah looks good, and not a big role for any of his brothers. Nasser as Tamannah's father was as usual gave a neat performance.
The first half was really good. Santhanam's comedy, Ajith's action everything was good. The problem is the second half, it follows one comedy scene, one family saving fight, one song formula. And, brothers realizes that Ajith has sacrificed a lot for them very late and also only if someone mentions it. It was like as if they stayed abroad and didn't even know what Ajith did when they were young. Suddenly it was like watching a Vikraman's movie. This movie also has Ajith's must have slo-mo walks, Coats in songs even on a dhoti, bullock cart ride instead of a bike. Songs could have been really avoided. They were not very good to hear nor entertaining to watch.
Overall Ajith, even though he looks old is the biggest strength of Veeram. Also, I think enough of salt and pepper looks from Ajith it's time to change. A good entertainer even though it's not perfect.
Chandhu Sivaswamy

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