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Biriyani has been plagued by piracy again

Biriyani Plagued, Again

Dec 29, 2013
Looks like, piracy has proliferated everywhere and new releases just can't seem to escape this menace. Now, the issue has taken a new high as some have spotted a pirated copy of Biriyani being played in a leading aircraft's business lounge at the International Airport of Chennai.
Reacting to the news, SR Prabhu, one of the producers with Studio Green, tweeted with a lot of disappointment and angst, “So frustrated to know pirated copy of #Biriyani is being played in Air India business lounge @ International Airport chennai now.”
It is to be noted that Biriyani was already hit by piracy, when its audio tracks were leaked online before its official release and now when the film is running well in theaters, this incident of piracy comes as a major blow indeed. Hope the producers look into this matter and sort it out at the earliest.


Biriyani has been plagued by piracy again

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