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The screens that can 'immerse' you in Maryan

Jul 17, 2013

The director of Maryan, Bharathbala, in a recent interview had strongly recommended that the audiences ought to see his movie in a theater which is equipped with the Auro 3D sound system, as they will get an 'immersive experience'. It must be noted that there are just around 27 screens in the state, which have this state-of-the-art sound system. 

In Chennai. Maryan's Auro 3D version is set to be released in two Mayajaal screens - (7 and 12), the newly refurbished Anu Ega theater in the Ega complex, Six Degrees in Sathyam complex and Sundar theater in Poonamallee, making it 5 screens in all. 
Prior to Maryan, Vishwaroopam was also released in a few select screens in Auro 3D but the USP of Maryan is the fact that for the first time, native sounds have been mixed in the Auro 3D format. Hence we will get to feel and hear all the intricate sounds associated with the ocean bed, the underwater surface, the desert sands and all the other landscape that we will see in the movie.
So hurry up and book your date with the Auro 3D version of Maryan in any one of these 27 screens. The experience ought to be worth it. 



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