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Kumari Muthu ousted from Nadigar Sangam !

May 07, 2013

The Nadigar Sangam, under the leadership of Radha Ravi, had sent veteran comedian Kumari Muthu a notice demanding an explanation of his accusations. Kumari Muthu had supposedly pointed out several discrepancies within the committee and their actions, which has irked the core group of the Nadigar Sangam.

The committee members argued that the matter of misappropriation of duties was being fought in the High Court and that Kumari Muthu should reserve his statements until the verdict had been given. Kumari Muthu believed that he had not disrespected anyone and was not the only person who was of the same opinion of the shortcomings of the committee and questioned why only he deserved a memo.

Since Kumari Muthu was unable to furnish proper evidence to back his accusations, despite being awarded time by the Nadigar Sangam, the committee had come to a decision to evict Kumari Muthu from the association. It was also noted that a few of the members suggested a less stern action, but the majority of the board opted to take the decision of revoking his membership.



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