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Vishal’s angry retort against Radha Ravi

Feb 20, 2013

It may be recalled that during the Viswaroopam controversy, Vishal had put in a Facebook status message which had apparently irked the Nadigar Sangam who had asked for an explanation from the actor. Vishal in his reply to Radha Ravi, General Secretary of Nadigar Sangam, states that it was his sheer anguish towards a fellow actor and that too a very senior and a legendary one such as Kamal Haasan that made him express his feelings. He also states that, like him, other artists have also expressed their concern over the issue.

He further explains his stance saying that the Section 13 of the Council Act which he is said to have violated will apply to people who wrongfully criticize the council or the members of the council and hence it is not applicable to him.  It is only with the intention of helping the members of the Sangam that he had recorded his view.  He also clarifies that people who are familiar with English will clearly understand what he had stated in the social networking platform.

Vishal points out that in the past there were emergency meetings convened by the council when artists were having problems but such a meeting was not summoned this time when Kamal was going through troubled times.  “Artists have always been giving out their viewpoint and I also did the same thing”, he adds.

“Young artists like me are participating in CCL matches and have been donating the money thus earned to the welfare activities of the Council but despite my pleas to the Council to get my balance amount for Samar, you have not taken any action. Hence request you to accept my aforementioned explanation and not hurt young artists like me. Please also make the council activities as transparent as possible and abstain from favoritism”, Vishal signs up.



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