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Disclaimer: “Review will be Rajini-Centric, many will find it biased……You can choose to skip lines or ignore the entire review itself”

Here are the three reasons one can watch Petta for

2…Rajini and

Though witnessed few good outings of this cinema idol in the past 2 decades it took almost 27 years to completely enjoy Rajini the performer, Rajini the entertainer, Rajini the phenomenon since Thalapathy (released in 1991). Right from Karthik Subbaraj, Anirudh, be it the cameraman, editor, choreographer, junior artists, lightmen output of Petta is not possible if they weren’t an ardent hardcore Rajini fan. Costume Designer needs the special mention

I am not literate enough to pinpoint the efficient use of camera angles and shots but one thing I can firmly say that those shots got its light of day through the lens of Thiru. Anirudh was able to present a variety of sounds on the table, the job became simpler for Karthik to choose the most appropriate massy scores. Stunts are choreographed well. References to thalaivar’s yesteryear films are a treat to watch as the star recreate the same magic here too

Despite the star-studded casting such as Vijay Sethupathi, Sasikumar, Nawasuddin Siddique, Simran, and Trisha their screen space and scope is limited as the director didn’t have options to stage them though. The fanboy in Karthik Subbaraj overrides everything to take cinematic liberties and do compromises for the star he loves like anything in this world. Predictability is another factor that slightly reduces the engaging quotient in the proceedings of the second half. Nevertheless, the fans wouldn’t ask for a better film than Petta to celebrate this Pongal.

Go for it and get “RAJINIFIED”

Manikandan Ayyavoo
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