RAG PICKERS - What they really do?

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RAG PICKERS - What they really do?

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“Let’s do it” was our happy move. We had the driving force within ourselves. We went with so much zeal. But it was a different plight. We felt like strangers in a strange land. There were a number of lorries passing through. The place also feeds to a lot of creatures along with human beings. There were lots and lots of piles. And people were so busy doing their works. Oh yeah, we're expounding about dump yard.  We really should not utter that but we felt pathetic.

We’re so much driven by the conversation we happened to have with them. RAG PICKERS - What they really do? They help us to live in a better environment. And hazardous diseases are what they get in return. We're being so hoggish that we don't even think that there are people who exist like them in this planet. We keep on growing and we keep on dumping them. It's not we who gave life to them. It's them who've been aiding us to clean the society for our happy living. Only things we can clean is, cleaning our thoughts and hearts.

What we feel as scrap, makes their living.

They ultimately feel that their only world is dump yard and they dump their entire life spending in the dump yard. Aren't they deserve to be like us? It's easy to put into words that every job deserves to be respected. But will we be able to do their work for just an hour?  The consequences and the loss is only to the people who work there. Aren't they aware of the consequences? Of course, most of them are. But they get into the world of dump yard even if they don't like. They are being hustled to such kind of situation.

Giving data and strategies regarding them is not a matter of thing. But how far the data will be used remains a tough nut to crack. And the most beautiful part is, those data again come to the dump yard in lorries. At least it is beneficial to them in that manner.

Passing through a drainage, that's just a moment for us. But that is there for their lifetime. We're living in a world wherein demons with deep pockets hesitate to lend a hand to the needy whereas the penniless really have that urge to do something.


They are enclosing themselves inside the wall called dump yard world. Breaking the wall is something that is really needful for them. We feel glad that we initiated for breaking a brick to some extent. Let's try not to be sympathetic, instead be empathetic. #Better_Lives_In_Process.

Get up and get them go!

Changes we make, they will cherish
Will never perish, instead nourish

-Team 'VEDHAM’
Madras School Of Social Work

Rakshana from Team VEDHAM
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