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****** Spoiler Alert, please read after watching the movie ******

Written after watching Sarkar - FDFS but refrained myself from sharing a review for so long for the wholesomeness of the creation to reach all viewers purely concocted with their perceptions. Sarkar is still being watched with great excitement and expectations of a Vijay-ARM- ARR-SUN Pictures combo.

First Day First Show of Sarkar - How else would it be if the theatre wasn't reverberating with whistles from all corners when SARKAR- Thalapathy's Diwali release was being screened? Wouldn't it be fair enough if we say that Vijay over the years, has garnered the likes and love of not only kids and youngsters but also families as a whole. This special kudos should reach his directors too.

With all these standards of expectations as well as being a fan of Vijay, I knew I was in for a movie to enjoy every bit and walk out light-hearted. I was pretty sure there was no wriggling in the seat with non-family unpalatable scenes. When something comes from the desk of Director A R Murugadoss, how can the curtains come down with no valid message for the viewers? The State of TN is, without doubt, still reeling under the vacuum created by the sudden death of big-heads in the two powerful parties. How would the message be without browsing through political pressures, drama and people's eyes brimming with expectations of a change, benevolent to everyone?

What starts with non-stop whistles, does encounter untimely silence with interruptions of songs that creep in totally out of the storyline, perhaps because of commercial compulsions. The world musical genius ARR has beautifully finetuned every move in Sarkar to match the moods. Oscar winner A R Rahman has done exceedingly well on the background score. The song Oru Viral Puratchi stands out. It has been stirring hearts by ARR's powerful music and poignant lyrics by the lyricist. Sadly, profoundly meaningful lyrics are getting jammed in the musical compositions and vice versa.

Actor Vijay has played a picture perfect role as the NRI Sundar Ramaswamy residing in the USA, a corporate monster dreaded by Indian companies for his demonic power demonstrated in making, breaking or shutting down companies. The film starts with nothing less than the usual mass entry of Vijay. The Las Vegas-based song is primarily to avoid disappointing his die-hard fans. From the colorful Las Vegas dancing feet to the tranquil landing in Chennai, it seems enjoyable for a festival release.

Sarkar is an encapsulated version of a little jerk in a corporate criminal's life when he visits India for just four hours to cast his vote, which he has been doing so for years. That little jerk opens up as the unbearable fury of the hero who has been denied his right of electing the leader. The film may sound like a cinematic unrealistic expression or a realistic cynical mention of citizens' willingness to cast their votes. Unlawful proxy votes, poll rigging, true votes going in vain and corrupted polling system creating undue leadership have all been sewn together to project varied emotions and expressions of politicians and public all through the screenplay.

Whatever be it, the power of each vote, THAT ONE VOTE is projected well. It does emphasize the importance of each of our votes, much needed now when we are thirsty for a transformation, yearning for a better leader. That ONE VOTE can rewrite the destiny of a state or a country. Each one of us can, at least, pledge to cast our vote rather than decipher millions of reasons to blame the government. We should realize that we need to cast our vote to make the desired change in leadership and inspire others to bring about the changes that our country, state, and society is very much yearning for. Time to identify the latent power of leadership hidden in our IAS officers, teachers, etc who can make the 360-degree change and cleanse our systems. Sarkar has knocked our conscience to cast our vote and identify the diamonds hidden deep within our society as our leaders of tomorrow, which isn't very far.

Keerthy Suresh as Nila renders complete support with her silence and radiating smiles. When Vijay gets to know that his vote has already been cast, he gets outrageous and takes the matter to court to stall the counting of votes. The election gets canceled when the CM is just about to be installed. It is made to realize that corruptions, poll rigging, and proxy voting are brought to limelight only when it happens to celebrities. Otherwise one guy casting multi votes would remain an unearthed secret.

One vote may not change the result but this will teach every citizen the importance of each vote. The fifteen days duration, during which the re-election is planned, forms the story. Vijay, adamant on casting his vote, cancels his trip back to the USA. He starts gathering information about the Indian laws on voting.

It is an eye opener for many who still aren't aware of the Sec 49(P) of the Indian Constitution which gives the voting right to an elector if his vote has been cast by someone else with a false identity.

Three cheers to the director for this sensational flick by throwing light on the sensitive issue of everyone's voting right. He does prick our conscience too to realize our prime duty of voting to elect our leaders. Self-immolation at collector's office, the corporate lunch and the politician's challenge to cast Vijay's vote are stances that enrage Vijay's fiery drive to not forego his voting right.

Varalakshmi's role as CM's daughter seems like a cakewalk for her. Right from advising her dad and his No.2, Radha Ravi on Vijay's powerful moves until her meanest act of murdering her dad projects her objectives embalmed in power-greed. Radha Ravi has portrayed with ease, the essence of his role as a truly flattering politician. Whenever Vijay escapes attacks on his life, the beauty about all the fight scenes is that they are all mostly twined with graphics so that they move by with no bloodshed or hard-hitting scary, but perfect for Vijay's kiddo fans. Vijay's approach to using a negative tone creates the necessary flutter everywhere.

The movie progresses faster when all who have been deprived of voting start boiling in anger.  As filing a case needs money, they are helped by a law college student ready with a website which projects a mind-boggling figure of lakhs of proxy votes. When Vijay says - I am waiting and it's break time, we wait too but the song soon after the intermission totally slows down the gradually built up tempo. Anyway, the costume designer, graphics designer, and the editing team need a special mention.

The storyline threaded by the thought process of a corporate monster who has been denied his voting right, helps us learn the dark side of our corrupt politicians. ''One day is enough for a crowd to become one or one to become a crowd"- stands out as a driving slogan. The hero hailing from Rameshwaram touches the furious crowd with the tale of his dad, a fisherman who is killed mid-sea. It is worth relishing the tomato sauce story to realize the plight of our farmers.

32 districts in TN face 32 major problems. How does one expect solutions from the government when no one has raised questions on any of the problems. People, especially youngsters do revolt, but another problem emerges. That removes the scars of the earlier hardships from people's memory and government departments keep moving on very easily with no proper remedy to the problems. 

Director AR Murugadass has banged our conscience and consciousness by leaving behind a valuable thought when we exit the theatres. Selfless nomination of an IAS officer as CM by various professionals like lawyers, teachers, IAS officers elected in different constituencies does shake us hard to awaken to the reality of these great prospects in our society.

Why should their talent to lead stay deprived because of our callousness in exercising our votes and allowing corruption to be nurtured unknowingly right at the grassroots level of elections? We should come out with guts to elect and select only people-friendly leaders who are not garbed in selfish motives of position and power.

Jayanthiraja Seenivasan
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