Puli – Return of fantasy genre to Tamil cinema

Puli – Return of fantasy genre to Tamil cinema

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Once upon a time, Tamil audiences were rendering a positive response to fantasy movies. Hence many such products were delivered by the production houses then. Gradually the taste of the audience got shifted to society based movies. As a result, the genre that boomed once lost its sheen. Even then few directors who got the necessary support from producers experimented with their movies. But people were not ready to welcome such attempts. Now after a particular time gap, we have got yet another fantasy adventure. This time it is not just a fantasy adventure but also a gathering of top stars from the various filmdoms of India.




If a director likes to cast a mass hero who could do justice to a role that is innocent in one extreme and fierce at the other extreme then the first choice for such a role would be Vijay.


Dance moves of Vijay in puli puli song made me think, ‘Has Natty done any fast forward of few steps of Vijay???!!


As said by Shruti in an interview, it was evident in Puli that Vijay scores and surpasses his co-actors’ performances just with a smile. Each and every cute reaction and expression of Vijay receives claps and whistles from audience.


When Vijay dances to the tunes of a melody like Yendi Yendi, it is like watching a flower waving its soft petals in a mild cold breeze.


Puli Vendhan role should be the answer to most who would want Vijay to do a makeover and this could be the beginning by Vijay to do such roles in the future as well.




‘Evil’ and ‘Queen’ are the words to describe Sridevi’s character in Puli. It is refreshing to see an actress playing such a strong role in a Tamil movie after a long gap. Whenever Vijay shares the screen with Sridevi, audience could well see how much Vijay has compromised his star image by letting space to his senior.




It is usually rare to see two top stars clashing from opposite ends in a movie. Sudeep has to be appreciated for accepting the villain role as he has already garnered a good name as an actor via Naan Ee in Tamil Nadu.




Hansika, heroine with a good attitude among the current lot, is the apt heroine to fit into the role of a Princess. She has been offered with a signature contributor role. She has delivered what her role needs and has helped the Puli team in its promotion a lot.


Shruti Haasan:


Shruti Haasan’s role in the movie is a game changing one. But it doesn’t require her to excel in the acting arena. She stuns the audience with her demeanour. As far as the songs are concerned, Shruti Haasan has done her best to match the dance moves of Vijay.


Hilarious combo:


Thambi Ramiah, Ali, Sathyan, Imaan Annaachi, Robo Shankar and Vidyu are a hilarious team both in paper and on screen.


Chimbu Deven, Natty, VFX team, T.Muthuraj:


There is no end to the creativity of our Director Chimbu Deven. He has given life to a story that is along the lines of our bedtime stories that most of us would have heard from our grandparents or parents while we were kids. Chimbu Deven’s thirst to deliver a new experience to our Tamil Audience has well been supported by our Cinematographer Natty, VFX team and the Production Designer T.Muthuraj. Proper efforts and lobbying by our production team would fetch National Awards for the various departments of the movie.


All logical nuances, frontiers of creativity, presence of a mass hero in a fantasy flick are questioned by the people who were for so long wanting the Tamil film industry to raise its bar on par with international standards and would want Vijay to experiment. But when all the expectations fall in place the reaction is just negative as if their former voice was just to discourage the rising stardom of Vijay. Most people start wearing critical lenses while watching a Vijay movie. If this attitude is eliminated then the hard work of a lot of people would go places.


Dhileepan Kumaresan

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