Maya - Visitor Review

Maya - Visitor Review

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·  The movie executes the theme of horror to perfection in most part of the scene, which grills you with deadly scream
·  The movie belongs to the unadulterated genre of genuine horror which tests your fearlessness to the extreme levels in most of the scenes throughout the movie.
·  Debutant director Ashwin Saravanan's narration of two parallel stories which very rarely loses the horror grip on the audience and he keeps the fear quotient in the highest level throughout the movie.
·  Director Ashwin makes the audience to participate in that two folded narration and gives the audience the flexibility to think of their own guesses about the complex link between the two stories and finally justifies in the most sensible way in which the guesses made by the audience take a complete shift in the climax
·  The director has boldly given many of the minor hints regarding where the movie is heading for with cruel horror factor in all the scenes and audience who aptly guesses the connection between the two stories are likely to enjoy the movie to the fullest
·  With very few characters in the movie, all their roles are etched out sensibly such that the horror factor is not spoiled for the audience.
·  Nayanthara plays the role of a woman who struggles to make her ends meet and her character has the tendency to become too melodramatic. But she refrained herself with a subtle display of emotions and she also evokes fear factor with the way of unfold of her character at the end
·  Aari after his notable performance in "nedunchaalai" has played his role well and he is the real connect between the two parallel stories and the director has intelligently sketched his character which creates curiosity for the audience to interestingly know what's going to happen next
·  Sathyan Sooryan's cinematography is the real backbone of the movie and he has aptly chosen the lightings and camera angles which never miss to scream you to the core.
·  Editor T.S.Suresh has packed the scenes in such a way that it never confuses the audience, though the movie travels in parallel with two stories. He has ensured the horror grip on the audience never loosens and continues to make you scream till the end
·  Debutant music director Ron Ethan Yohan's background score zooms the horror in every scene and he played that with gentle hands and ensured he never goes too loud in any scene
·  In the middle of the second half, you will feel certain scenes are quite lengthy and relaxes the fear over the audience, if those scenes would have been crisply cut and some of the scenes of the two parallel stories would have been interchanged and rearranged in the later part of the second half, this movie would have become the icon of horror movies in world cinema in this era,
·  Nevertheless the director has hit his target aptly without much of deviation and he connects the audience in every frame and make the audience to grip with fear and scream with a raw horror which we don't experience frequently, in the recent horror movies which rely  too much on comedy and very less on pure horror, Maya stands out  as a classic horror movie of Tamil cinema
For first half 4.5/5
For second half 3.5/5
Overall a rating of 4/5 for a sincere and a pure horror genre movie
R. Venkatesh
Venkatesh Ramakrishnan

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