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Thani Oruvan - Visitor Column

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As an ardent fan , or more so even an ardent lover of Cinema , am writing this article . I found some reasons why the recent movie Thani Oruvan seems to be succeeding well , and got good review and comments from audience and critics and still seems to be running houseful and giving a stiff competition for all others


1. The Awesome Screenplay

The story is a regular one, an often repeated one  i.e. GOOD VS EVIL  type of theme, with GOOD winning ultimately, but what made the difference from the rest was the racy and taut screenplay. When we came out of the theater, and we were on our way back home my friend and I usually discuss about the movie and if it’s worth the time and money spent. But in case of this movie, we were just spellbound and appreciating instead of discussing. Not a scene was left hanging loose, every scene had a reason and consequence which were properly maintained throughout. The movie had one of the best and water tight screenplay's ever seen in recent times. Kudos to the writers and director for shaping it in such a way that the screenplay doesn't deviate from the central theme of the plot.


2. The Apt Casting

The director really needs to be appreciated for this. Every character was aptly cast. Right from Jayam Ravi, Arvind Swami to Ramaiyah and Abinaya everyone had a perfect characterization. Even the friends of Ravi, Ganesh Venkatraman, Harish Uttaman, Sricharan and the other guy were apt. They were all so believable  in their roles. In fact Arvind Swamy and Thambi Ramaiyah literally lived their roles. Great amount of discussions would have gone in the casting phase because if one of the above characters'  was wrongly cast, the movie would have fallen off a bit.


3. The Music and RR

Hip Hop Thamizha (Adhi and Jeeva) really deserve a credit for this, the movie had only two songs which we correctly placed and rendered well. Both the songs were not  some speed breakers to the story. These days, songs need to be placed and rendered very well, because the attention span of the audience is very less nowadays. When I watched the movie in the theatre, I never saw anyone going for snacks or restroom during the songs, as it usually happens. The RR was fantastic it was in perfect sync with the movie, not high not low. The other songs in the audio also were good (dialogues by Ravi and Arvindswamy explaining their characters with a theme music) was a different attempt.



I don't have any heading for this, but I really wanted to thank Director Raja for not deviating from the movie, by having a comedian or an item song or a TASMAC scene which is the trend nowadays. And after a long time the heroine in this movie had an important role, rather than coming as a lead for song sequences. Kudos to Nayanthara, for accepting this film, even though she had less screen time when compared to her other movies. She literally excelled in the scene when Ravi discovers the bug is fixed within the body.


5. The Audience

I would really like to appreciate our audience, for watching the movie and spreading the good word quickly. One of my friends saw it on the first day and told that it is the best commercial movie after Thuppaki. The Audience really has grown up nowadays and enjoys watching such movies, which gives some work for their brains and they clearly know to differentiate good and bad attempts.  Last but not the least, they have again proved that content and method of telling it is the most important song rather than stars in the movie.


I am very satisfied as one of TAMIL CINEMA AUDIENCE that such content driven movies have started coming in large numbers and our very own superstars have accepted to be a part of them irrespective of their screen presence .



Bipin Balachandiran

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