Thani Oruvan- Fantastic

Thani Oruvan- Fantastic

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Thani Oruvan, Jeyam Ravi’s third movie this year. He teams up with his brother again, but this time not for a remake. It was surprising and exiting to see something original from Raja.


It's a story of good Vs bad, Ravi Vs Arvind, cat and mouse game in which Arvind Swami was one step ahead of Ravi all the time. The chase gets interesting and thrilling frame after frame.


This is one movie where we didn't see many clichés. A charming villain without a six-pack. A love track which doesn't make you yawn. A heroine character, for a change, which wasn't a comes-in-goes-exotic-location-dances-and-leaves character.


And, the casting and performances were excellent. Jeyam Ravi looked perfect as an IPS officer and Nayanthara with a matured performance. But, the man who steals the show was Arvind Swami, a terrific, brainy, cool and suave villain. And a special mention to Thambi Ramaiah where the director brilliantly infuses comedy into the movie with his character.


This is one movie in recent times where every department clicked. Direction, editing, cinematography, music everything was at their best. SuBa has done a wonderful job with the dialogues and the screenplay. This is their best work for me after Ayan. I really wonder how this combo didn't work well with Shankar in I. “Nalladhu mattume pannanum na KADUVALALA kooda mudiathu”, “Love at first sight, kill at first betrayal”, few best dialogues come out of villain Arvind Swami’s mouth.


The only thing which could have been different was Ravi gets to know Arvind Swami easily where no one else knows his real face. The way he came to know about his real face could have been told in a different way.


Thani Oruvan is one movie in a long time where I didn't look at my watch even though it ran more than 2 hours and 30 minutes. It was like reading an interesting novel, but you wish it never ends. I wish they made this in two parts, where Siddharth Abhimanyu wins in this and Mithran comes on top in the second part.


Raja as a director proves his worth with this after a series of remake. And, after two nonsense films this year Ravi also proves his capability. One of the must watch movies of this year.


My Rating - 4.0/5.0.



Chandhu Sivaswamy

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