Baahubali-An eye opener for Indian Cinema

Baahubali-An eye opener for Indian Cinema

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Script: The story is very simple but Rajamouli presents it in a magnificent way. The screenplay is lose at times, but the performances and his storytelling keep the audience glued to their seats. The dialogues are good and help the story move forward. Thanks to Madhan Karky for the new "CLICK" language.


Performances:  Prabhas perfectly fits the role of Baahubali, but he doesn’t have much scope to perform, his physique, attitude help him go through this role. Rana shines in his role, especially his opening scenes (Bullfight). He carries his role well and this Bhallala Deva character is his career best till date.


The biggest plus points of the film are the characters played by Sathyaraj and Ramya Krishnan. After Neelambari character, this role will be remembered for years. Sathyaraj and Nasser as usual show their versatility in their performances. Anushka and Tamannah though their roles are short, they do full justice to their roles.


Technicalities: Cinematography is top-notch. M.M.Keeravani should be lauded for his wonderful background score which elevates the story and the songs. The VFX team should be saluted for delivering such good quality (though not excellent) in the limited time and budget. The bull fight with Rana and the animals harmed in the course of the film are fine examples of their hard work. The Production Design, Art Department and Costume Designer take us to the world of Baahubali through their splendid work. The Stunt Department should definitely get an award for their mind blowing stunt sequences. The whole War sequence is a delight to watch. 


The flashback sequence of Baahubali is the most engaging and powerful part of the whole movie. When we want to know what is next, the film ends with the title card of the 2nd part making us wait till next year.


All said, this film opens the gate for other filmmakers to make experimental films within the commercial format and Arka Mediaworks should be lauded for supporting the film with their work.


My rating-3/5


Raj Ajay

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