Baahubali, it's just not grandeur and glitz but more than that!

Baahubali, it's just not grandeur and glitz but more than that!

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Yes….it’s not a mere show off. It has content as well. Yes, the VFX team has put in a tremendous effort but in the midst of all this, lies the talent of the director in telling us a story. Story telling is an art. You should really know when to slow the pace or increase it. Rajamouli has proved once again that he is a great story teller.


The beauty amidst this visual spectacle is the undercurrent of simple story telling, which does not create confusions at all. Yes, the movie ends with a note about the sequel in 2016 and there are a lot of unanswered questions leaving the audience want for more. I don’t recall any Indian movie for which I had to wait with bated breath for a sequel.


The sequences involving the waterfalls are a delight to watch and they are not present just as a visual splendor. They also take the story forward. The director takes his time to introduce us to the characters. Some might argue that certain scenes in the first half are not required – but I differ. You read any story book….it takes its time to reveal the main plot and some more time to reach the ultimatum. Watching BAAHUBALI is like reading a story book. No wonder, Rajamouli has fascination towards such stories.


The choice of artistes is another plus. From Prabhas to Rana to Sathyaraj to Nasser, everyone has done a commendable job. The father Prabhas though shines better than the son. Another plus is the BGM of Keeravani. Though stuck with a standard set of tunes in the entire movie, it does deliver the necessary impact. The song picturised on Prabhas climbing the top of waterfall is a treat to watch and hear as well. Among the ladies, Ramya easily scores better than Anushka and Tamannah. The expressions of Tamannah could have been much better.


The movie ends with a twist, the answer for which hopefully, lies in the sequel. This movie is an example of great team work. Each department has worked hard and has given their best. This is a movie all movie lovers can be proud of. It’s well on course to changing the face of Indian cinema. Oh….I almost forgot to mention about the battlefield sequence. It’s very brilliantly choreographed and is a sure contender for one of the best battlefield scenes shown in movies.


Eagerly awaiting the sequel next year. Meanwhile, hoping to watch the first part multiple times as well.




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