Kalyana Samayal Saadham - Keenly Made Dish

Kalyana Samayal Saadham - Keenly Made Dish

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A marriage of 2 hours. Nothing less but plenty more.

Before going to the details of the story, a huge applause for the 2 Prasannas - the director,  R.S.Prasanna and the good looking hero, Prasanna for making a bold movie. No hero will be ready to accept the role he played in this romantic (uh! kind of) drama.

The story travels from the angle of the leading lady at the start for a change and tells the stories of how a girl plans for her marriage and the family keeps reminding about marriage. Right from the start the director’s concern of making even small things look beautiful can be understood.

The 'Mella Sirithaal' an innovative video song released months back as a promotional attempt fits in well and the boy meets girl theories falls in place almost perfectly in this arranged marriage. Prasanna (Raghu Vishwanathan) taking out Lekha Washington (Meera Chandrasekaran) for a talk in the middle of the marriage discussion is captured well. Love follows the meet and Prasanna starts the attempt to get the friendship of Lekha even though they were engaged and the lovely answer given is - ‘It’s easy to marry a girl but hard to be her friend’. The screenplay might bore action lovers and who wants entertainment – meaning can be found in their own dictionary.

During one moonlight, the couple gets close and ready to take their relationship to the next level only to find that our hero is ‘Impotent’. The narration switches to Prasanna and his practical mindset of how to deal with this issue.

But however telling this in a way that it won’t look awkward on screen deserves credits. The friends attempts to give solutions to his problems was comical to some extent and the scenes move in such a way that if you can get through your first part of the movie in relatively quick time. However when he goes to meet a person for his trouble Delhi Ganesh (Chandrasekaran) walks in signaling the break.

As a father of a girl to be married, how he deals with the issue is something to look upon and ‘Crazy’ Mohan makes an appearance as a doctor to give a smiley ball to rectify the defect. The gossips in marriage time and the groom side's attempt in dominating the marriage gets repeated but couldn’t avoid those in this complete marriage oriented movie. Raghav (Gowtham) gets a good role as a friend of Prasanna, after a long time and he excels remarkably even though it was a short and sweet one. He gets into the middle of the pair and makes amends so that the crack caused due to family doesnt get in the relationship. What about the marriage and Prasanna is the rest.

As mentioned earlier it was a bold attempt from Prasanna and he was apt for the role. He can say that this was one of his best roles. Lekha Washington shines in every possible chance and at a place where they want her to do the rituals for a horoscope prediction and later justifying her position to Prasanna is the example.

Music by Arrora isn’t very catchy but goes along the narration nicely. Editing by Sathyaraj and camera by Krishnan Vasant were used brilliantly. Slightly draggy parts of the second part might have been avoided though. Camera was giving us feel good motions throughout the movie. Screenplay was made knowing that there won’t be any response from a particular part of the audience and a sincere attempt. Only complaint was 'Where was the food that you mentioned in the title?'. It was a weekend evening but still there was hardly any audience. One has to wonder when will people start recognizing these kind of movies.  

An impotent hero is on the verge of a marriage, has he found solution to his condition is told in a simple and effective way with a mix of love.

Marks: 7/10

Pradeep Kalamegam

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