Jigarthanda- Visitor Review

Jigarthanda- Visitor Review

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JIGARTHANDA... !!! The term generally brings to our minds the drink that brings a smile to everyone's face as it is enjoyable... Going by the same name, the movie does the same thing..It brings a SMILE on your face...


The film is basically set on the gangster story background...But the twists and turns involved are very good that make the audience enjoy the sweet ride... There are three people who deserve a big round of applause...First is actor Simha... What a performance..! The main problem with his role is that it can easily be overplayed...But Simha pulls it off with ease...Next, Siddharth deserves credit for first choosing the script and virtually living the character of an aspiring film maker..


The last but not least person to be credited big time is the director Karthik.... The way the man thinks is phenomenal... His screenplay is absolutely spot on from first till the last...It's hard to digest the fact that this is only his second film..He is definitely going to reach great heights and my best wishes for that...On the technical aspects, the film is very good...Every single location used by Karthik suits the scenes perfectly...Only small drawback was that the run time could have been smaller..But given the fact that many people had tears in the eyes due to laughter, it could be overlooked..


VERDICT :  Jigarthanda is a definite watch for it's amazing screenplay... Karthik has to continue to give us films like these.

keerthi kumar

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