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Avengers Endgame

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Easily the most anticipated movie for 2019 (excluding Star Wars: Rise of Sky walker).

10 + years with 21 movies for various Marvel characters, part of the biggest movie franchise built up a story line towards this movie. Even with the strongest superheroes, One Villain has now taken the spotlight in this epic finale. It cant get bigger than this.!!!

Quick recap of Infinity War:

Thanos acquires all Infinity stones and puts the Avengers in the back foot.  In the climax, half of humanity is killed by a snap from Thanos including many from Avengers team. Movie ends with an Open note : Thanos having a broken gauntlet with stones, Avengers in a disarray.

Starting at End Game:

As Dr. Strange put it, we are in the “End Game” now. Truly no words can be better to sum it up. This movie will result in few events happening:

1. Defeat Thanos and reverse the snap effect. Will he die or stay along like in the comics?

2. Some Avengers either dying or retiring permanently – Captain America and Iron Man.

3. Who will survive to form new Avengers team to lay forth the journey.

4. Will there be some new heroes taking over: Winter Soldier as the new Captain, a new Black

From all of the trailers released till now,

- Iron Man and Nebula will find a way from Titan to break through and reach Earth

- In Earth, Captain America will form a new team including Ant Man and Captain Marvel to find a way
to reverse the snap

- One of the key elements could be going through the Quantum realm by Ant Man and if he is able to
find a clue or way

- Another is combined effort from Captain Marvel, Thor to find a break through from their energy

- Thanos will likely play some mind games with Reality or Vision stone to make Avengers believe they
have even won

- There will be an element of time travel to prevent Thanos from acquiring the stones in the first place

- Definitely there would be a few attempts throughout the movie and a reset (similar to Edge of
Tomorrow) to find this solution

Lets wait until this Friday – April 26th to find out more!!!

Manoj Srinivasan
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