All In All Comedies Are On Cine Goers

All In All Comedies Are On Cine Goers

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 What went wrong with the creators nowadays, they have tried to irritate cine goers with lame comedies. Are the creators thinking that the cine goers are becoming Akmark fools? 2013 becomes an over dose of Comedy.The trend started with KLTA. At that time it had worked to some extent, because of the negative publicity gained by one the leading actors in that film. After that, some more directors have tried that " Power ", but have fallen flatly. Then dozen number of comedy films had lined up one after one. Out of those, KBKR, Soothu Kavvum, Ethir Neechal, VVS are some of the meaningful comedy films.  But in those films, the scripts were mixed with comedies and sentiments in equal proportions. Pondy Raj, Vijay Sethupathy, & SathyaRaj  were the persons or concepts behind the successes of those films. 
KLTA and TVSK too were successful films according to trade, but the secrets behind those films successes are still mysterious for me. But the recent films like Thillu Mullu, Naiyaandi, AAA etc are surely jokes on cine goers. Idhaba is an another comedy film, which fully depended on VijaySethupathi's previous performances in NKPK ans Soothu Kavvum and the market achieved by him. If Vijay sethupathy was not there in Idhaba, that film too could have fallen flatly without any opening. NKPK and SoothuKavvum worked big time , because of situation comedies. Vijay Sethupathy should try like that. If he does comedy like Idhaba again, he will be forgotten by public.
Siva, as well as Siva Karthikeyan the other, Comedy cum heroes should realize that, the huge money is spinning around them in various projects. If they do the same type of performances, film after film, people will attain zero tolerance at a particular level. After seeing " Nayyandi " , one might feel that , how could the director create these type of films. But after watching AAA the same would say " OMG Nayyandi was sooopar " .. The comic creative sense goes down miserably nowadays. The film makers are getting the few dates of a leading comedian and making screenplay in such a way that all the portions of comedy track should be shot in a short span of time. 
Through SMS , Rajesh had given life to Santhanam. But it seems that, the current image of Santhanam might get dismantled with his latest AAA. After successive hits, Rajesh has slipped down in this film with poor narration. Santhanam related scenes were taken in a marriage hall, a theater, a small office room, a local studio like set and a bike or scooter driving road scenes. Even a child can recognize the production values of Santhanam related scenes in AAA. I would like to list out the intolerant comic moments of AAA briefly here. 
1.Santhanam's Kareena Chopra avatar and how he seduces KotaSrinivasa rao.
2.Kajal's ambitions as a singer, model & dancer etc etc which are shown in worthless comic way - All have fallen flatly.

3.Karthi and Santhanam always laugh among themselves, rather than making us to laugh,  while the audience watch those as mute spectators and the combo addressing each other as MD and Officer is almost irritating.

4.In 80s flashback, Santhanam imitates SuruliRajan and his plans to release the films in theater and his another plan to terminate Karthi [ Young age Prabu ] from his job , are almost amateurish.

5.The whole episode of Prabu's flashback , itself is a joke on audience.

  [ But the dancing moments of Kajal, learning Bharatham from a TheruKooththu artist MS Baskar is the one and only real comedy in that film. Even though it too looks foolish, the body language of MS Baskar and his mixing technology of Bharatham and Therukooththu is the one and only relief for the entire film. ]   
Santhanam should realize the fact that, there are no business for the audience that, how many films he acts and how much he earns per day rather that how much satisfaction he provides to the audience with his comic sense ; because we too get entertainment by paying money, not at free of cost.  
Delhi Belly was a A rated comedy Bollywood hit film. But it was remade in Tamil awkwardly, by editing [awkward] A jokes. Delhi Belly was a hit, because of its adults only comedies. What have made the team of Settai , to remake it in Tamil after editing the jokes of original version , with a justification in mind that " Suitablity for Tamil audience ". If you have guts, you should remake it as such. What is the logic behind remaking of one regional Indian comedy film with so many cuts into another regional Indian film ? Delhi Belly minus A jokes = Nothing. Its a fact. Then what is the logic behind the remaking of that particular NOTHING?  
[The recent Hindi film, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is too nice. Hindi makers are having that much guts to create these kind of films among the meaningless comedy films like Chennai Express or Boss. But our Tamil creators are not at all trying subjects like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag , is a different sad story happening in Tamil Industry.]  
COMEDY IS A SERIOUS MATTER. If a serious film doesn't reach the audience , the problem might be with both sides , creative as well as receptive side. But if a comedy film doesn't reach the audience, it means, the problem is purely with the productive side. They can't blame the audience that, the audiences are not that much mature. Audiences are always welcoming comedy films with open hands... CREATORS SHOULD OPEN THEIR EYES...BECAUSE WE NEED NO MORE COMEDY ON US..

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